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Acronis SyncMe For Android: Remotely Access Your Acronis Cloud Data

Acronis is a familiar name in the computer software industry that excels in offering secure and reliable data backup as well as storage management solutions to its users. Just recently, the company has released its official Acronis SyncMe client for Android that lets you remotely access data stored on Acronis cloud. Using Acronis SyncMe, you can instantly create and add new folders, images and videos to your existing cloud data or upload any file that is stored on your SD card. The app lets you add content to your favorites, keeps it in sync with any recent changes and provides you with option to download data to your device for offline access. You can also share your online folders with other Acronis SyncMe users or share public links of your online content with your friends. The app also lets you access data that you might have uploaded from your PC via True Image 2012 – the official desktop client of Acronis which can be downloaded from the company’s website for free.

When it comes to availing trusted, quality online cloud storage services, it is certainly hard to look past the likes of Dropbox, SugarSync, Box.net and the likes, but that does not necessarily imply that there is no room for a new entrant to bring something more to the table. This is where Acronis SyncMe steps in. It is a great way to utilize the mammoth 250GB of free cloud storage space offered by Acronis to each registered user. With Acronis SyncMe, not only can you upload your favorite content from your device on the go (handy option for data backup), you can also remotely access all your uploaded computer data.

To start using the app, you must be logged in with your Acronis credentials. In case you don’t have an Arconis account, you can signup for for free by hitting the Create A New Account button from within the app. Once logged in, you’re taken to the app’s neatly designed homescreen, where you will find all your data arranged under four tabs, namely SyncMe, Favorites, Storage and Settings.


The SyncMe tab displays all the data that you’ve stored on cloud via your device. Tapping a folder displays its contents whereas tapping a file lets you download it to your device. You can long press on a file to add or remove it to/from favorites, share its download link via email, check its properties or delete it. While on the SyncMe screen, you can tap Menu to manually Search for content, Create (and instantly upload) a new folder, image or video, Refresh all data, toggle List/Thumb (thumbnail) view or Upload a file from your SD card to cloud. The Multiselect option within this menu lets you select files and folders in batch, so that you may easily add them to favorites, share or delete them.

Even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can still access your favorites list. The app uses the Acronis folder on your SD card to store all such data.


The Storage tab displays all the data that you’ve uploaded to your Acronis cloud storage from your PC using True Image 2012. You can do everything that the app allows you to do within the SyncMe tab except for uploading new content or modifying/deleting existing content. The tab provides one-way data access to files uploaded from your PC.

The Settings tab carries your account information and the amount of storage space that you’ve consumed. Under the General Settings menu within the Settings tab, you can enable or disable the automatic sign-in feature as well as the option to sync data over Wi-Fi connection only. Furthermore, you may allocate total Local Cache (storage space on your SD card) that the app is allowed to use. To delete all the app’s cached data at once, just tap the Clear Local Cache button at the bottom of the same menu.

Download Acronis SyncMe for Android


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