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Action Movie FX For iPhone: Add Awesome Special Effects To Your Videos

Action and sci-fi movies would be incomplete without special effects. You often find friends huddled outside cinemas discussing scenes of a movie involving exploding cars, planes, buildings; in short, pretty much everything involving an explosion. Just imagine for a minute how much fun it would be if you could film videos and add similar special effects to them (like a missile hitting your car, or a car smashing your friend) right from within your iPhone. Action Movie FX for iOS makes doing so a piece of cake. The app lets you create explosive (pun intended) videos with special effects common to action and sci-fi flicks in just a few taps. More after the jump.

actioon fx effects offred

The beauty of the app is that it is extremely simple to use and the results come out looking great almost every time. On the app’s welcome screen, just tap GO to start making your very own action scene. The screen that follows displays all available special effects, out of which the app offers two for free, namely Missile Attack! and Car Smash. The rest can be purchased from within the same screen. After you have chosen a special effect for your movie, you can start recording your video. The app indicates the point within the viewfinder where the special effect will appear. For example, if you’re using the Missile Attack! effect, that point will be where the missile hits.

chose fx point spcial fx

The app requires you to record each video with at least a 5 second duration for the chosen effect to be applied. One you have recorded the video, the app lets you adjust the time in the clip where the special effect appears. Tap OK on this screen, and the app will begin rendering the video, and once that is done, you can save the video to your Camera Roll or share it with your friends on Facebook.

As mentioned earlier, the results are very impressive. If you just want to have some fun with your friends video clips, and don’t want to empty your wallet on (or spend all that effort learning) professional video editing software (such as Adobe After Effects), Action Movie FX is the best deal you can get, with two free effects and two pairs of paid ones currently available as in-app purchases (for $0.99 each). The app itself is available for free on the iTunes App Store. Download it from the link provided below.

Download Action Movie FX

Update: If you’re looking for a similar app for Android, check out Ultimate Special FX here.


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