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Activate And Restore iDevices Without iTunes

Couple of weeks back we came across a tweet that stated

Posixninja is working on an alternative for iTunes restoring which will allow you to easily restore to 4.0b w/out UDID, and is softer to CFW

It seemed pretty challenging as well as impossible to get your iDevice restore without connecting your device to iTunes. But now it is possible at last!

We have confirmed news that Posixninja has finally come out with three awesome tools that will allow you to easily restore the iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 without the use of iTunes. It is one historical breakthrough and we yet have to see if Apple will respond to this at all on WWDC. Here are the details of the new tools developed by P0Sixninja.

iDeviceActivate: This is an awesome tool that will allow iDevices to get activated without the need of syncing them or connecting them to iTunes. This utility is soon expected to make some good marks in activating unlocked devices or devices that do no carry official AT & T SIM cards. This will actually benefit a lot if iPhone fans who reside out side the countries where it is offered with a carrier.

iDeviceRestoring: This is another wonderful iPhone, iPod and iPad hacking tool that is powerful and capable enough to restore IPSWs without taking any help from the iTunes. You can even use this tool to upgrade to stock iPhone, iPad and iPod touch firmware without flashing (meaning your jail breaks will remain intact after you upgrade your iDevice firmware using this tool) and will also leave your baseband unchanged which has been quite a frustration for iPhone users who got their iPhone 3G and 3GS locked due to this.

There are a number of other hacking tools developed by this guy and you can check them out here.


  1. How can you you use this?

    I am guessing from the source code this is Linux code, right?
    I honestly think that they should create a windows friendly version , one you don’t have to compile and run in Linux

  2. I have downloaded the program, but I don’t understand how to use it…is it another program ment to be only for iphone developers?

  3. Does this mean if I activate my iDevice this way, I don’t legally bind myself to apple’s nonsense ?

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