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Activate / Enable FaceTime On iPhone 3GS With FaceIt 3GS

So you’ve got an iPhone 3GS and got all excited about the new Facetime feature when you heard about it being released with iOS 4, but were later disappointed to discover that Apple isn’t making it available to your 3GS? Worry not – you don’t need to go out and buy an iPhone 4 just to get Facetime working, as you can now enable and activate it on your iPhone 3GS, as long as it’s jailbroken. For more information and complete installation instructions, continue reading.

When Apple announced iOS 4, there were several features introduced that made it the most major iOS release to date. These included Facetime – an easy way to video chat with your friends and family that’s fully integrated into the OS itself. Later on when Apple made iOS available for existing devices like the 3GS, users were disappointed to learn that this feature along with several others were being kept exclusive to the new iPhone 4. That’s just Apple’s way of trying to sell more new devices but simply because Apple is being its usual greedy self doesn’t mean the modder community won’t do anything about it. A relatively new Cydia repo, iPhoneIslam, has recently released FaceIt 3GS, which enables the users to make Facetime calls on jailbroken iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.x. The same repository is also credited¬†with enabling FaceTime calling¬†in the Middle East. We are not sure if it will work as perfectly as on iPhone 4, but there’s no harm in giving this a try.

Had enough of the details and want to get Facetime up and running on your jailbroken iPhone 3GS? Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions.


  1. The first step is to make sure that your iPhone 3GS is jailbroken on iOS 4.1.
  2. Now launch Cydia on your iPhone and go to Manage.
  3. Once in manage, tap on Sources.
  4. In the sources, press edit button and add the following repo:
    • http://apps.iphoneislam.com
  5. Once done, go to Cydia search and type FaceIt in the search field.
  6. Now install FaceIt 3GS and wait for the installation to complete.
  7. Once the installation is finished, exit Cydia and go to Settings > Phone and turn the FaceTime toggle on.

There you go! You can now make FaceTime calls on your iPhone 3GS.

Did the method work for you? How is the call quality? Have you experienced Facetime on iPhone 4 as well? What differences – if any – have you noticed in the experience? Don’t forget to let us and our readers know in the comments below.

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  • Nima Zeighami

    Hi, I did this and have FaceTime activated on my 4.1 iPhone 3GS, but I’m on TMobile, so how do I activate my number for FaceTime?

  • Jenny Vo

    I’m on T-Mobile and how do activite it??

  • tony

    why wont any answer how to get it to work for tmobile