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Add Animations & Customize The iOS Facebook App With This Cydia Tweak

The whole point of jailbreaking and having a Cydia store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is to gain the ability to customize different areas of iOS. From time to time, the developers over at the jailbreak store keep coming up with ways to tweak not only stock iOS apps, but even a few third party ones as well. Customize Facebook, as the name suggests, is a jailbreak tweak which will let you revamp the Facebook app for iOS. Not only does it come with options to add a lot of new animations to the app, using it, you also get to tinker with a lot of other aspects of Facebook, to give the app a completely new look.

Customize Facebook Animations Customize Facebook Options

Customize Facebook is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free. Once installed, the tweak will add its sizable menu in the Extensions tab, located within the Settings app. There are so many customizing options offered by the tweak that it will take you some time to figure out what each option exactly does. There are as many as 15 animations listed in the tweak. Against each animation option there is the toggle button, although it would have been more useful if there was some explanation regarding what turning it on will do.

Customize Facebook iPhone Customize Facebook Text Box

Once you move past the animations, the real customizing options begin. You can enable or disable the Pull to refresh option in the Facebook app, and there are two separate toggles for that. Similar options exist for turning off the bottom bar in the app. The really cool thing about Customize Facebook is its ability to customize the search box size, and there is a slider provided to adjust that. The same holds true for text box, which will change the text area wherever it appears in the app.

When changes are applied, you might have to remove the Facebook app from the App Switcher tray and then restart it, so that the changes made by the tweak can take effect. The options which require the user to restart the app are listed in the options menu. Even though most of the options listed by Customize Facebook are universal, some won’t work with the iPad, and a list of such options is provided in the Settings menu as well.

Customize Facebook can use a few improvements, like more explanation regarding the animations, but overall, it is really worth a download, especially given that it won’t cost you anything at all.

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