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Add App Shortcuts To App Switcher Tray With Appswitch [Cydia]

Accessing and launching apps on iOS devices is pretty convenient, as rather than going through a long list of icons, you just have to switch between various screens and get to the desired app. If that’s not enough for you, it is possible to look for an installed app via Spotlight search. However, if you have many apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it is possible that you find both of the above stated methods a bit tedious, specially when you use only a handful of apps regularly. It is possible to pin such apps to the dock of your device, but what if there are more than 4 apps which you use frequently? That’s where the new Cydia tweak Appswitch can come in handy. This tweak lets you pin 4 additional apps to the App Switcher tray, and can be considered as an extension to the dock.

Appswitch Shortcuts Appswitch Settings

Using Appswitch is easy, and you can download it for free by going to the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. Once installed, it won’t add any new icons to the Springboard of your device, and all the changes have to be made in the stock Settings app, where the tweak will add a new menu of its own. In this menu you will find four options, against which you have to choose an app, so that four shortcuts can be set up. In the tweak’s presented app list, you can choose both user and system apps to pin to the new dock. After you have selected the apps, come back to the main menu of Appswitch and hit Apply Changes. The device will respring and you can now enjoy your new dock.

Instead of making any changes to the current arrangement of icons and features of the App Switcher tray, the tweak will add a new menu to the tray, and you can launch the apps from there with a single tap. The working of Appswitch is pretty similar to the music controls section in the App Switcher tray, as they don’t eat up any space for the apps in the multitasking state, but are still present there any time you need them. There are tweaks that let users expand the dock by increasing the number of apps that can be accommodated there, but Appswitch is pleasing on the eyes, and thus better than most of its rivals. The tweak offers a pretty nice functionality, and that too for free, so do give the tweak a try.

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