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Add Home Screen Widgets To Android Lock Screen With Generic Widget Lockscreen

Custom lockscreens and home screen widgets have undoubtedly had their fair share of contribution in making Android one of the reigning smartphone operating systems. While graphically rich and interactive custom lockscreens on Android help users launch their favorite apps without unlocking the screen, widgets provide quick and easy access to selective features of various apps them from the home screen without lauching them separately. But how about an idea to incorporate home screen widgets into a lockscreen? Based on the mentioned concept, XDA-Developers member FireZenk has come up with a unique yet very useful app for Android called Generic Widget Lockscreen.

With Generic Widget Lockscreen, you can place your favorite home screen widgets on the custom lockscreen and access them easily even if your device is locked. This means that your widgets remain actively available on the lockscreen and you do not have to unlock your device to use them. Once installed, the app opens to its configuration menu that allows users to modify app settings accordingly. For instance, you can enable/disable Generic Widget Lockscreen service, select custom wallpaper for Generic Widget Lockscreen, enable volume key support for  multimedia-supported widgets, set the app to lock on calls and tweak other advanced settings from within this menu.

Remember, to unlock your screen, you must have Generic Widget Lockscreen unlock button placed on the app’s lockscreen. Therefore, beofre placing any other widget on this screen, you should place the app’s own unlock button.  Said button, like all other widgets, can be placed on the lockscreen by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Long tap on a vacant area on Generic Widget Lockscreen
  • Select Widgets > GWL unlock button (or any other widget that you wish to add)

The app allows you to easily remove all the widgets from its lockscreen. To avail this feature, tap Menu while staying on app’s lockscreen and select Remove all widgets. Generic Widget Lockscreen also lets you place a secret code to unlock your screen. While you may continue to use your widgets from the app’s lockscreen, your screen won’t unlock unless you feed in the correct code.

Since the app is currently in beta therefore, you can expect it to return a few glitches and bugs. At least, this is what we experienced during our brief test run of the app. While Generic Lockscreen Widget worked quite smoothly on our HTC Desire Z (running CyanogenMod 7), it did not seem to work with the MIUI custom ROM. Still, the effort has to be applauded for its effectiveness on supported ROMs and devices. No doubt, there is room for improvement in the current effort but the concept overall is quite unique and applicable in the long run. You may head over to XDA-Developers forums to download APK of Generic Widget Lockscreen and try it out yourself.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. for those of you who are running CM7. you can use lock screen gestures just as easily as you could lock screen widgets. it does the same thing but (obviously) uses gestures =)

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