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Add / Manage Your Google Bookmarks On Android With MobileGBM

Modern-day smartphones and tablets, just like all mobile devices, offer the great convenience of keeping you connected to your loved ones, but on top of that, they bring the incomparable feature of portability; the luxury of carrying your important data, media files, documents and cloud content any where with you. When talking of Android, things are absolutely no different. While your Android device caters to almost everything associated with your Google account – calendar, emails, apps history, photos, music et al – their are several other things that you’d love to have at your disposal, and accessible on demand. Being an avid web user, I prefer having my favorite bookmarks with me all the time. Sadly, there aren’t too many solutions available in this regard. However, we’ve found a very handy app that is here to turn things around for good. MobileGBM is an Android app that allows you to add and manage Google Bookmarks on your device for quick and easy access to your favorite websites. By having all your favorite bookmarks from Google listed in a single app, you can always carry your favorite web links with you without having to search for them manually. You can also check your web history from a particular Gmail account by applying various search filters such as web, images, news, videos and maps.

MobileGBM is a fantastic little app for Google users. It not only provides users with access to all of their Google Bookmarks, it allows adding bookmarks to a Google account manually and placing labels on each of them. Bookmarks are displayed under their relevant labels. Each label displays the number of bookmarks listed under it.

We found the app quite slow to respond during our brief test run. However, there is one thing that goes in favor of MobileGBM despite whatever blemishes it has to offer: it is quite effective in its functionality. MobileGBM Lite supports one mail account only. The full (paid) version of the app, on the other hand, supports multiple accounts and is ad-free. These are still relatively early days in the life of Android, so it can be safely assumed that what currently seems a crude idea might well emerge into a well-polished, expansive, and who knows, a built-in feature in the future iterations of Android web browsers. Don’t be surprised if you get to see various giants of the game release their own flavors of smartphone browsers with integrated bookmark management feature in the coming days.

Download MobileGBM Lite for Android (free)

Download MobileGBM for Android (paid)

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