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Add SMS Timestamps To Each Message On iPhone [Cydia]

An iPhone is still a phone, despite all the amazing apps present in the App Store, and what is a cellphone if you can’t have the complete texting experience on it. The stock Messages app in iOS is pretty good, but it still has a few features that some users might not find to their liking. One such feature is the method of adding timestamps to individual SMS within threads. The app adds timestamps at seemingly randomly intervals, which can get a bit annoying if you text a lot. There are Cydia tweaks that can help you counter this problem, like the previously covered xMessages, but it is always nice to have new options for your jailbroken iDevice. SMS Timestamps will let users choose the interval at which the time details of SMS will be added to the thread, and even includes the option to add a timestamp against every SMS.

SMS Timestamps Settings SMS Timestamps

SMS Timestamps can be configured via the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. There are just two options in the tweak’s menu, and by default, it is toggled on and applicable to all text messages. You can disable the tweak completely by turning the first toggle off. To choose the time interval at which the timing details will be added to texts, go to the second option in the menu of SMS Timestamps and hit the Time constraints button. You can select any interval between 1 to 30 minutes for the addition of timestamps.

In our experience, SMS Timestamps only took effect properly after we resprung our iPhone. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download.

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