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Add Speaker Mode Toggle For Incoming Calls To SBSettings [Cydia]

The Cydia store is all about bringing convenience to users, and although it is a bit unfair to single out just one tweak, one of the most useful tweaks available in the jailbreak store for iOS devices is SBSettings. This collection of shortcuts and system settings is based completely on gestures, and lets you perform many tasks with just one touch that ordinarily require users to navigate through a lot of menus. The tweak’s usefulness, however, does not end here. The number of toggles supported by SBSettings is always on the rise, with newer tweaks related to SBSettings coming out almost each week. Speaker SBSettings Toggle is one such tweak that has been designed exclusively for SBSettings. If you have it installed on your iPhone, you will get a new toggle on your device, and you will be able to enable or disable speaker mode for incoming calls quickly. Of course, the button to switch to speaker during a call is featured quite prominently in the call menu, but what if you want to make sure that every incoming call is received in Speaker mode? iOS allows that, but the default method for doing that is pretty complicated, and Speaker SBSettings Toggle solves this problem.

Speaker SBSettings Toggle Cydia Speaker SBSettings Toggle iOS Speaker SBSettings

Depending upon the situation, you might occasionally feel the need to switch to speaker mode while receiving calls. This is particularly valid if you are busy somewhere and your phone is lying a bit far away. Or you might just be driving, in which case enabling speaker mode will be really useful. This is not easy generally, as the option you want to access is located in the Accessibility mode in the General menu of the stock Settings app. Why would you want to go to so much trouble for a single toggle that you want to use for a few minutes only? With this tweak, you will just have to launch SBSettings and tap a single button to switch to speaker mode. After you have installed Speaker SBSettings Toggle to your iPhone, launch SBSettings and tap the More button. From there, navigate to Set Window Toggles. You will notice that a new toggle by the name of Speaker has appeared at the end of the list in this menu. This is the one you have to enable, and once that has been done, you can begin using the new speaker toggle for incoming calls from SBSettings.

Speaker SBSettings Toggle is available as free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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