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Aggregator Is A Simple Yet Efficient RSS Feed Organizer For Android

News and RSS feed readers are great in a way that they bring you the updated content from your subscribed channels under one hood, thereby preventing you from visiting multiple websites and news sources. However, if you have subscribed to one source too many, chances are that you might feel intimidated by the rather extensive list of ‘unread’ posts in your feed reader. So, is your Android RSS feed reader getting overly cluttered? Tired of scanning through the countless feed items that appear in your reader everyday? Fret not, because now there is a solution that vows to bring some much needed discipline and customization to your Android’s RSS feeds.  Aggregator for Android is a free (ad-supported) RSS feed organizer that can save you loads of time while you’re sifting through your feeds.

The app allows you to choose separate update intervals or disable background updating for each feed you add. Update intervals can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as a day. Said feature along with the option to filter feed items by title lets you organize and peruse your feeds a lot more effectively than conventional RSS readers. More after the break.


The app displays a color-coded bar graph of updates within each feed. Every scheduled or manual update is logged in said graph. The graph signifies the duration of each update (blue), the amount of new feed items received (light green) in each update and marks the update as manual (grey), scheduled (dark green) or failed (red).

To filter feed items by title, long-hold on any feed item to set its title as the filter or to add your own, custom filter. Then hit Menu and tap Filter Mode to filter by the entered keyword, term or title.


From the app’s global preferences screen, you can set the number of feed items retrieved per update, toggle and set a ringtone for background update notifications. To change or disable the update interval for a feed, select it from the app’s homescreen and tap the field preferences button that appears in the top-right corner of the screen or hold down on it and select Edit from its context menu.


The only thing that might discourage users from employing this as their default RSS feed reader is its minimalistic interface. Then again, if you’re one to prefer functionality over eye-candy, you should definitely give Aggregator a try.

Download Aggregator For Android

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