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AirCalc Is An Adjustable, Persistent On-Screen Calculator For Android

The stock calculator app that comes bundled with Android OS is undoubtedly a handy utility to have, especially if you are often required to perform various calculations on your device. However, said tool might just not suffice if you were to perform rather prolonged calculations by reading and feeding in multiple entries from, say, an image, email, document files (DOC, XLS, PDF etc.) or a webpage that is opened on your device, simply because of the hassle involved in frequently switching back and forth between the calculator app, and the document. Enter AirCalc – an alternative calculator for Android that presents you with a persistent overlay so that you can perform your calculations from anywhere in the OS. The “floating” calculator is transparent, moveable, and resizable, and provides you with the same calculation operations found in the stock Android calculator app.


The interface of AirCalc might resemble the looks and functionality of Android’s stock calculator app, but in terms of customizability and convenience, it is far better. Just launch the app, hold down and drag the bottom-right side of the interface to resize it. Tap the minimize button at the top-right side to hide everything but the top bar. Now, open the document, image or website that contains the data that you wish to add to your calculations, and drag the top bar to to reposition the calculator accordingly. Swiping across the numeric pad reveals additional operations, just like in the stock calculator app.


On Android 3.0 Honeycomb (tablets) can, AirCalc allows adjusting the opacity (level of transparency) of the app’s interface, and provides a clipboard feature to copy and paste entries from documents to calculator, and vice versa.

Although the app is designed to work in both landscape and portrait orientation, the option of setting the app to reveal all its calculation operations while in landscape orientation would have made AirCalc even more useful. The absence of said feature, however, does not diminish the usefulness of the app in any way. It saves you from the hassle of constantly switching between the calculator and documents, or writing down each and every entry on paper to feed them into the calculator later.

Download AirCalc for Android

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