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Album Art & Song Info For Current Track In App Switcher Tray [Cydia]

Now Playing Detail Info is a Cydia tweak that has recently been released in the Big Boss repo of the infamous jailbreak store for iOS. The tweak makes listening to music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a relatively more enjoyable and convenient experience. It is common for desktop music players to display music information while a track is being played, and this handy tweak brings that same functionality to the app switcher tray of your iDevice. A lot of people use the App Switcher tray regularly in order to control their music, specially when they are using some other app or playing a game. Of course, lock screen controls are pretty useful, but if you are multitasking and not just listening to music the App Switcher is a pretty good place to have the controls, and what good are those controls if you can’t see any details regarding the song? The Now Playing Detail Info tweak is not just about adding the song and artist name to the task manager tray, and it is also a pretty good tweak to have cosmetically, since it adds the album art to the mix.

Now Playing Switcher Details NowPlayingInfo Cydia

After you have installed this free tweak on your iDevice, you don’t have to perform any further actions to get things started. “Now Playing Detail Info” will take control of your app switcher tray’s music area automatically, as there are no customizable settings in the Extensions menu, and also, being a tweak rather than a Cydia app, it has no icon on the Springboard.

All the songs you play via the stock Music app in iOS will have their album art (if any is found, of course) displayed in the app switcher tray (replacing the stock Music/iPod icon), as well as the song name, album title and artist info. The play, rewind and forward buttons in the iPod menu are readjusted automatically to accommodate the newly added information. The control buttons might be pushed a bit too upwards for some people’s liking, but overall, the end result isn’t too bad-looking. The album art is superimposed on the icon of the Music app, while the three text fields are added at the bottom. Being a free tweak, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to not have “Now Playing Detail Info” installed on your jailbroken iOS device, as it adds a bit of extra usability to the app switcher tray without taking away anything.

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