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All About The New Notification Center Of iOS 5

iOS 4 had a lot of shortcomings which the jailbreak community tried to overcome for quite a while, but Apple’s OS isn’t an orphan by any means. iOS 5 is launching to make iPhone exactly what it should have been in the first place. So what is this iOS 5 we have been hearing so much about? Basically the iPhone team just looked around and tried to calculate the areas where they are lagging behind other platforms in terms of functionality. Some might call this copying, but you can give the Cupertino guys the benefit of the doubt and brand the changes as a sign of their adaptability. One of the most highlighted features of the upcoming iOS 5 is the new Notification Centre. Read on to find out what exactly is this Android-like feature all about.


Let’s not make any comparisons here. We will try and look past the debate of where Apple got the idea of Notification Center, it’s there and al the Apple users will be happy to embrace it. Up until iOS 4 the notification system of the iOS revolved around pop-up alerts. Receiving multiple notifications piled them up one over the other such that notifications had to be viewed and dismissed one by one, starting from the newest. The new Notification Center brings a place where all your notifications are saved until you have viewed and accessed them. Basically whenever a new alert arrives on your iDevice, a toast is displayed across the top of your screen no matter what you are doing. If you tap the notification you will finally be taken to the much-coveted Notification Center.


Once you get there, it’s a simplified place really with all your unattended notifications lined up according to which app they belong to. This categorization is what makes Notification Center a real killer feature. If you somehow missed tapping the notification when it just arrived, you can access the center by swiping down at the top status bar on your device. The Notification Center comes with a few customizable settings which are as follows:

  • Sorting notifications based on their time of arrival or the type of alert.
  • You can choose the number of notifications which will be showed pertaining to any particular app.
  • There are three alert style; un-styled, banners and alerts.
  • Toggling badges and sounds.
  • You can of course turn off notifications for an app completely.

But apart from all these functionalities, you have the option to access notification center from your device’s lock screen. This is only possible when a new alert appears while you are in the locked state. As soon as you see that notification, swipe it just as you do to unlock the screen and you will be taken straight to where the alert was pointing to.

That’s about it, no matter how many times people accuse Apple for copying its competitors, Notification Center does increase the efficiency of an already very popular mobile operating system.

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