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Alpha Goals Tracks Your Achievements & Character Improvements [iPhone]

Judging by the amount of motivational apps coming out these days, looks like iPhone users are getting a bit too depressed (possibly because of the delay in the launch of iPhone 5 & iPad 3). We have covered a few such iOS apps, like TED and Unstuck, and now Alpha Goals joins the list. It is an app which will let users define their goals in life, and then continuously compare their achievements with the set goals. In addition to that, the app will also throw motivational quotes at you, and will make you sign a contract with yourself (like a New Year resolution that works for the whole year). Sure you can do all that in the Notes app too, but Alpha Goals acts like a sincere friends and tries its level best to ensure that the targets you set up are really followed.

Alpha Goals Alpha Goals My Goals

Alpha Goals comes with a pretty neat tutorial, which guides new users through all the aspects of the app step by step. First off you have to define your motto, which is displayed at the top of the app’s home screen. On this same page, Alpha Goals will display continuously updated quotes from a number of personalities and sources. Of course, all the quotations are motivational in one way or the other. In the Autosuggestions section you get to define ideas which you want the app to present to you at random intervals. Signing a contract with yourself might prove to be a useful idea as it will help you keep track of the progress you have made since you were last using Alpha Goals.

To define a goal you have to go to the My Goals section. For each entry you can add a description, photo and other related information regarding the added goal. If a goal has been accomplished you can add it to the Achieved Goals menu, and write down how exactly did you manage to do that.

The app is free for a limited timeand can be downloaded from the App Store link given below. If you are feeling a bit lazy and demotivated lately, Alpha Goals is just the thing that has the potential of acting as a good catalyst for you. The app’s convenience of use makes sure that you can keep writing and tracking everything almost effortlessly, which is a very important trait for an app of this kind.

Download Alpha Goals for iOS

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