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Alphacon – The Invisibility Cloak For Your iPhone’s Icons & Icon Labels

You can probably cite a hundred reasons for getting an iPhone or iPad, but the reason that usually goes unspoken is the Wow factor. We all like to make others go “Wow!” when they see our latest gadgets. There was a time when simply owning an iDevice was enough to impress your friends, but times have changed and Apple’s huge success all around the world means that seeing an iPod Touch in someone’s hand has become a common occurrence rather than a rarity. So how can you get that extra edge over other similar devices? By showing off the awesome new looks you’ve got on your iPhone! It always boosts your pride a bit to hear people say, “How did you do that!”. Alphacon does just that by reducing the opacity of your icons (making them transparent) and/or hiding their labels completely.

Alphacon Settings

Alphacon is a free Cydia tweak, so that means you will have to be a jailbroken user to get it. Once it has been installed, you won’t notice any change in your device’s looks. This is because the tweak is turned off by default. To turn it on, go to the settings menu and navigate to Alphacon in the Extensions tab. Toggle on the Enabled switch, and a new array of settings will be revealed. Here you can choose if you want to hide (or fade) your icons or labels (or both). Just keep toggling the switches to On according to your needs. There are toggles for labels, icons and distinct areas of iOS. This means you can make the icons in the dock dimmer, while keeping your Springboard untouched. Folders are supported by the tweak as well.

Fading Icons

Although labels can be hidden completely, icons can’t be. However, you can achieve a really cool faded effect on your Springboard by turning the “Alpha value” to minimum in the extension’s settings. If you are thinking that this is a completely useless functionality to have on your iDevice, think again. If you are using some really beautiful wallpaper on your Home screen, and the icons are obscuring too much of it, Alphacon can help you. This might not be too big of an issue on an iPad, but on the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch devices this can certainly be useful. Admittedly there are other apps and tweaks that can do this, but Alphacon is just a cool integration of multiple functionalities.

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  • Jason

    “There was a time when simply owning an iDevice was enough to impress your friends”

    Are you serious? What about shaking some keys in front of their face? It sounds like that would probably work too…

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