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AlwaysArrange: Reorder iOS Icons Without Entering Jiggle Mode [Cydia]

iOS users must know that to rearrange the icons on their iPhone or iPad’s Springboard, they have to first enter jiggle mode by long-pressing any of the icons. This jiggle mode is active when all the Springboard and dock icons start vibrating, and the red uninstall cross appears over all third-party apps. The combination of the delete button and rearrangement of icons can prove to be a bit dangerous for some users, as you might end up removing an app when you were simply trying to move it. Won’t it be nice if it was somehow possible to move Springboard icons without having to enter jiggle mode? Well, as always, the Cydia store has the perfect solution to this problem. Meet AlwaysArrange, a new Cydia tweak that allows its users to reorganize their Springboard without having to enter wiggle mode. This means that the icons are always ready to be moved to any place you want. This does not mean that you will lose all control over your iPhone’s Springboard, it is just that the tweak gives its users the option to select a custom time period that will be considered a long-press.

AlwaysArrange-For-iPhone-Disable-Wiggle-Mode AlwaysArrange Settings

AlwaysArrange is a free tweak, and is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. After it has been installed on your iDevice, the tweak will add a new menu to the stock Settings app, but you can begin using it without having to go there. Just try moving any icon, as if the Springboard is already in Edit mode, and you will see the difference. AlwaysArrange also allows you to customize the long press duration, that is, the time period that will be considered to constitute one long press, through its panel that is added to the stock Settings app. After the tweak’s installation, you cannot access the edit mode for uninstalling apps in a normal manner, and to do so, users will have to drag any icon to the status bar.

AlwaysArrange is a pretty useful tweak that completely revamps the way Edit mode is accessed in iOS. Tweaks like these can really help you if you love keeping the Springboard of your iDevice neat and well-organized. The functionality on offer in AlwaysArrange might appear to be a bit too insignificant and minor at first glance, but we are sure many sticklers for customization will find it useful. Do give it a try – it won’t cost you anything.

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