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Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Ported To HTC Sensation [Work In Progress]

Things are moving pretty fast for HTC Sensation after Revolutionary set it’s bootloader free from HTC’s shackles. Xboarder56, Recognized XDA Developer, is in the process of porting AOSP Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on S-OFF’d and rooted HTC Sensation. So far the development isn’t much of a discussion point with only Wi-Fi and Screen working. But with able devs like Xboarder, T-Junk and redbullcat already in the process of completing the port, we believe that 2.3.5 will soon get implemented on Sensation in it’s true spirit.


This is the developer message regarding this work in process:

This is a very very alpha build of Aosp gingerbread for the sensation, its gingerbread 2.3.5. Its compiled from the android open source project on 8/3/2011. I got it booting on the sensation its built with the unity kernel v3. I really need devs help with it to get it going. thanks.

The first alpha release of 2.3.5 on HTC Sensation is already out but flashing it will leave you with a 75 % brick. You might be able to get responses from Screen or play with Wi-Fi, but all other essentials like:

– power button
– keyboard resize
– Bluetooth
– camera
– audio
– gsm
– data
– lights
– Battery
– Charging
– hardware acceleration
– etc

don’t work!

And this article is basically intended towards all the Android developers out there who want to help getting this completed glitch free as soon as possible.

You can download initial, raw and very basic Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread build for HTC Sensation from here, but then do not flash it unless you are a de4veloper or want to help xboarder and team at XDA. If you are interested in helping the devs on this project, then please head to the official XDA WIP thread here and jump in the discussion.

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  • Xboarder56

    New build Up more fixed 😀