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Android 2.3 Gingerbread Based CyanogenMod 7 Nightly Builds Rolling Out For Several Devices

We have said it on numerous occasions before and we will say it again – CyanogenMod is our most favorite custom Android ROM here at AddictiveTips. Over the past few days, the CyanogenMod development team has been busy releasing nightly builds of the latest version. We have already featured it here for some devices and will continue to cover the remaining devices. Details after the jump.

CyanogenMod has won the hearts of a lot of Android users for the amazing features it offers over the stock Android ROMs shipped with most phones. We have been featuring the previous versions regularly for most Android devices available on the market. We have even seen ports of this custom ROM for a few tablet devices and featured version 6 for Advent Vega Tablet as well as version 6.1 for Viewsonic G Tablet.

With the latest developments on CyanogenMod 7, there have been some major changes. Firstly and most importantly, version 7 is based on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread source code released under AOSP (Android Open Source Project) while version 6 used FroYo. This change brings many of the Gingerbread-specific features to the latest release. Other than that, ClockworkMod Recovery has also been updated to version 3 for compatibility with CyanogenMod 7 and is required for flashing version 7 to your device. You can find further details in the CyanogenMod 7 Changlog at CyanogenMod Wiki as well as our coverage of the latest CyanogenMod stable version 6.

Please note that while the current status of the ROM is quite stable, these are nightly builds after all and might have some overnight changes that could likely break things unexpectedly. This is very unusual though, and user response has shown a very high level of satisfaction with using these nightly builds as their daily use ROMs without any major issues.

Here is a list of all the devices for which the nightly build is available at the time of writing this article. The links are for the ROMs we have already covered here. We will be updating the list with more devices as well as more links as we continue covering them here in the next few days.


Google Nexus One
Google Nexus S


HTC Aria
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2
HTC Droid Incredible
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Hero (GSM)
HTC Legend
HTC myTouch 4G
HTC / T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide
HTC Wildfire


Motorola Droid


Commtiva z71
Geeksphone ONE

Google Apps

The old version of Google Apps will not work with CyanogenMod 7 as it is based on Gingerbread. We have found a version that works with Gingerbread and specifically with CyanogenMod 7 builds, which you can download here. Google Apps for all versions of CyanogenMod can be downloaded from here.

If you are interested in the ongoing development, you can visit the Team Douche Buildbot (no longer available) to get the latest updates on these nightly builds. Though casual users will have trouble navigating and understanding the complicated Buildbot system over there. A list of all the available nightly builds can be found at the Team Douche mirror CyanogenMod downloads page. The names of the devices listed there will confuse most users however, as they have used manufacturer codenames rather than release names. However, hovering the mouse over them shows the public device names.


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