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Android Keyboard Manager Selects Keyboard Based On Orientation

Keyboard Manager is a new under-testing app that allows you to customize onscreen Android keyboards according to your choice. The app actually let’s you select a keyboard of your choice for portrait as well as landscape orientation. Keyboard Manager can come in handy if you want to select other than stock keyboards in either of the onscreen orientations. An easy example of what Keyboard Manager does is that you can select SWYPE for landscape mode and keep it stock for portrait mode. According to the author of this app, all the keyboards installed are listed by Keyboard Manager with options to set for portrait or landscape mode. The keyboard manager integrates an orientation switch that is used to toggle between your choice of keyboard. The app also comes with an added disable option that will allow you to disable the app when you don’t need it or in case it’s causing some issues.

Here is the step by step guide on installing Keyboard Manager on your Android device:

  • The first step is to download Keyboard Manager For Android, extract the APK file and save it on your androids desktop.
  • Once done, launch Market on your phone and download Root Explorer.
  • Now connect you phone to the computer and copy the APK file to SD Card root.
  • After this launch Root Explorer and follow onscreen instructions to move the copied APK file to /System/app folder.
  • In the root explorer, set the following file permissions:
  • User: ‘Read/Write’ checked
    Group: ‘Read’ checked
    Others: ‘Read’ checked
  • Once you are done with permissions, exit root explorer.
  • The app will now be available on your launcher as Keyboard Manager. You can launch this app and set Keyboard preferences as per your desire following onscreen options.
  • The app is working fine for some users but Samsung Captivate and other handsets are facing screen freeze on pressing the orientation switch.

    [Via XDA]

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