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Root Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 With SuperOneClick

One click rooting apps have proved to be a blessing for most of the Android owners. These type of rooting applications give you root access of your device in the most pain-free way you can imagine. One particular hard nut to crack was Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, which was rootable, but required the user to have good grip of ADB and command line methods.


Follow these instructions to root your Xperia X8 with SuperOneClick root.

  1. The first step is to download SuperOneClick.Zip file from here and save it on your desktop.
  2. Once done, connect your phone to the computer.
  3. Now enable USB Debugging mode on your computer by launching Settings > Applications > Development. Checkmark the first option that is “USB Debugging”.
  4. Once you have enabled USB debugging, Unmount SD Card. Go to Settings > SD Card, USB Mass Storage And Phone Storage and checkmark Unmount SD Card.
  5. Now extract the exe file from SuperOneClick folder that we downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Once extracted, double click the file to execute.
  7. Now simply press root and wait for the procedure to finish. It will take around 5 to 10 minutes to root you phone so hang in there.

And there you go! You now have root excess of your phone meaning that you can install all those apps which require you to have root, along with flashing custom ROMS and planting recovery images etc.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device bricks or any other damage occurs due to this method.

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  • komate

    Do you have solution for Eclair (2.1) root?

  • prabash

    Can this be done on Xperia X8 android 2.1 version as well? please reply soon! :)xx

  • aaron

    yes it ca be done to 2.1 i have my xperia x8 rooted

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  • lewis

    it is on waiting for device and i think it has froze what should i do ?

  • Stanley

    Excuse me, I can’t get my SD card unmounted. The button went grey and I can’t press it. Why?

    • Brittany

      You have to take the cord out of your phone and then unmount it.. That worked for me 🙂

      • yagnesh

        but its dont

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  • bishal

    Thanks this install superuser on my phone..is it jailbreak my phone???? how can i recover my phone for custom themes?????

  • StuffeR

    Tried on eclair with latest superoneclick
    Worked 🙂

  • Boris Telebo

    Thanks, works great

  • is

    why i can use super one click..anybody help me…i already did the way like u told

    • Sunielmetal

      install the driver corretly

  • forget

    he show waiting for device… so long time… how to do pls,

  • x8_user

    helo guys… my x8 is already rooted, my question is how to know if my x8 have flash, because I tried to install Floyo (2.2.5) by ratch its working but the wifi does not work..

  • Someone-very-helpful

    I think you need your battery at 100% b4 doing any of this

    • x8_user

      u mean i need to charge 100% my battery before i install the rom Floyo (2.2.5)??? why? please help me guys.. thanks

  • Huiko12

    For someone who has a problem Waiting for devices
    you gotta install the AndroidSDK tools whick can be found here
    your computer do est have the necessary driver file
    i hope this will help anyone with this problem ^^

    • MD

      i hav downloaded androidsdk after that what should i do?/

  • a

    I tried that but still I am stucked on waiting for devices… any other suggestions?

  • Prudence

    when connect the phone it asks if charge, copy files… whic one to choose?

  • Prudence

    SuperOneClick says ” Unhandled exception has occured n your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click quit, the aplication will close inmediately”
    the system cannot find the file specified…


  • erick

    I have rooted my xperia x8 this way but when I execute link2sd I get a message “link2sd could not gain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond allow to superuser prompt”. somebody knows what that means?

  • Majid

    i cant unmount SD card. please someone help me

  • Kyriel

    It doesnt works for me i have T-mobile xperia x8 i mean my isp is t-mobile , and it says:

    SuperOneClick v2.1.1.0
    Checking drivers…
    Killing ADB Server…

    OK 0,02s

    Starting ADB Server…
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *

    OK 4,06s

    Waiting for device…

    OK 0,02s

    Getting manufacturer…

    OK 0,01s

    Getting model…

    OK 0,01s

    Getting version…

    OK 0,01s

    Checking if rooted…
    OK 0,03s

    Installing BusyBox (temporary)… – Step #1
    1789 KB/s (1062992 bytes in 0.580s)

    OK 0,64s

    Installing BusyBox (temporary)… – Step #2

    OK 0,01s

    Rooting device… – Step #1
    1273 KB/s (585731 bytes in 0.449s)

    OK 0,47s

    Rooting device… – Step #2

    OK 0,01s

    Rooting device… – Step #3

    OK 0,00s

    Rooting device… – Step #4
    mmap() failed. Operation not permitted

  • abdul


  • Allyook

    Will this work for the sony xperia play 4g running gingerbread 2.3.3 plz reply or message me facebook smalls christopher salome

  • Abiyyuv

    I already rooted my phone. but when I tried to open Root Explorer. It got some issues with superuser. I need help!

  • rav

    can it be used for os 2.3?Gingerbread..?

  • Rahman Sumery

    Damn it!!! Finally rooted after one week of trying, that’s what i call “step by step guide”! tons of tnx man!.

  • Silentkiller165

    Will it work for w8

  • Tahamustafa

    can i transfer files to sd after rooting ???
    plz quick

  • Terneizsolt

    guys omg 🙁 i have x8 2.1andro and it stops at Running rageagainstthecage… 🙁 can you help me ?

  • Bryan

    How do i root my sony ericsson WT19i android 4.0 ics??

  • randy

    bei meinem pc steht immer ob ich eine 2.0 oder höher habe ich click auf ja und nichts passiert

  • n o

    san b ung i da download dyn..?? para sa sony ericsson x8..?? plz repz….