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How To Scale Apps To Fit Screen In Samsung Galaxy Tab

If some apps of your Samsung Galaxy Tab fail to scale properly on screen (fit the screen), then there is some great news for you. Folks over at XDA have devised a method through which your apps will scale properly onscreen. The scaling problem actually refers to the apps that don’t either fit the screen or seem to flow out from the screen area.

The problem is caused by the compatibility settings already enabled in the Samsung Galaxy S stock Android Firmware. The method is categorized as safe and doesn’t require you to have root. But in case you want  to root your Galaxy tab, you can see this post.


Here is the step by step guide on scaling your Galaxy Tab apps:

  1. The firsts step is to download Spare Parts from the Market and install.
  2. Once the installation is complete, launch Spare Parts.
  3. In the Spare Parts Menu, scroll down to Compatibility mode.
  4. If the check mark in front of Compatibility Mode is unchecked, check it. If the check mark is already there, uncheck  and then recheck it.
  5. Once done, reboot your Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  6. Now once your Tab starts, go to the applications which weren’t scaling to screen before and cross check by launching one of them to see if the problem is over.

And there you go! Now you apps will scale to screen without any issue.



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