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Android Pro Widgets Suite For Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Contacts & More

Apart from the customary modding, hacking and mass customization of the overall layout of the entire firmware, one thing that parts Android from the rest of the competition is the ability to make the home screen more productive by installing widgets pertaining to a certain app. These widgets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and functionality. Android Pro Widgets is a comprehensive set of customizable, skinnable widgets for your contacts, calendar, bookmarks, messaging, Facebook and Twitter etc. Each widget supports ample customization options and packs multiple features that allow you to easily access/manage your tasks, bookmarks, contacts and social media buddies . Moreover, auto-update interval can be set for each widget and updates can be delayed while your phone is in sleep mode.

To add Android Pro Widgets to your home screen, proceed as follows:

  • Long press on vacant area on your home screen
  • Tap Widgets > Android Pro Widgets and pick the required widget. Selected widget is activated once you are done with its configuration.

APW People Widget displays your phone contacts and lets you set click actions for each. As of this writing, available click actions include Show contact badge, direct dial, direct SMS as well as the default action for a selected contact. The widget can be configured to display contacts according to their groups. You can also sort contacts in alphabetical order or according to their call frequency. ADW Bookmarks Widget displays thumbnails of the stock browser’s bookmarks that can be tapped at any instant to access the corresponding websites.

With the APW Calendar Widget and its Quick Event feature, you can add and check the agendas, scheduled meetings and events on your calendar. The widget offers multiple customization options such as providing you with an option to select your calendar provider. There is also an option to hide recurring and declined events on the calendar.

APW Facebook Widget lets you post status updates, switch between your Facebook profile page and news feed and refresh/update your Facebook feed. With APW Twitter Widget, view your Twitter timeline, tweet, view and send direct messages right from the home screen.

Widget themes, the APW Timeline Widget (which seems like a Facebook-Twitter aggregator) and various agenda options within the APW Calendar Widget become available on purchasing a license key. You can download Android Widgets Pro from the Android Market free of cost and upgrade to the full version later by purchasing the license key.

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