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Android SkyDrive Explorer: Holo-Themed SkyDrive Browser With Support For Music Streaming

The problem with being an Android user and having a Windows Live SkyDrive account is that, currently, there is no official SkyDrive app for Android. Though, the lack of an official client is what inspires many third-party developers to come up with their own solutions. Using previously reviewed SkyDrive Browser, SkyAMP and Picox, Android users can explore their cloud content via a dual-pane file explorer, stream SkyDrive music straight from the cloud, and manage SkyDrive Photos, respectively. Adding to the list of unofficial SkyDrive apps for Android, is the neatly-designed, ICS-themed Android SkyDrive Explorer, which not only lets you remotely access your SkyDrive content, but also allows you to directly view photos and stream music files without having to download them to your device.


Sporting an interface that conforms to the Android ecosystem quite fittingly, Android SkyDrive Explorer lets you easily and instantly access and manage your cloud data. Once you authorize the app to access your Windows Live ID, you’re welcomed by the ICS-inspired UI that presents your SkyDrive content in an uncluttered manner. The toolbar at the bottom comprises a total of three buttons that let you create a new folder, upload content to the cloud, and manually refresh your SkyDrive account. Android SkyDrive Explorer is among those few apps that sport no post-installation configurations whatsoever.


To help you with uploading content to your SkyDrive account, the app presents a native file explorer interface. Tapping a folder takes reveals the underlying contents, whereas tapping a file lets you download it to your device’s local storage. Status bar notifications keep you apprised of completion of file upload/download jobs.


As mentioned earlier, the app lets you natively stream all the photos and music (MP3) that you’ve saved in your SkyDrive. While streaming, you can also hit the save button to download that particular file to your device.

All in all, Android SkyDrive Explorer is, by far, the best-looking and functionally-rich unofficial SkyDrive browser for Android that we’ve come across so far. Uploading/downloading content to/from the cloud is fairly swift, whereas real-time streaming of your photos and songs is certainly an added advantage. All we can say is that, unless Microsoft decides to provide Android users with an official SkyDrive client, you can rely on Android SkyDrive Explorer for your cloud content management and streaming needs.

Android SkyDrive Explorer is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Android SkyDrive Explorer for Android

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