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Android Theme Launcher Is A Unique Launcher-Style Live Wallpaper

Generally, live wallpapers are only meant to add a certain amount of oomph to your homescreen. Though, there are quite a few out there that come with added functionality. Android Theme Launcher is one such live wallpaper. Interactive, feature-rich and extensively customizable, this one-of-a-kind live wallpaper turns your homescreen into a showcase of app shortcuts (each of which is an animated Android holding an app icon) and dynamic widgets.

The live wallpaper includes animated icons for major applications and widgets for clock, battery level and gallery.

Android-Theme-Launcher-LWEditing Live Wallpaper

Each and every element, or rather, “skinlet” in the live wallpaper, from the icons to the displayed battery level, is customizable. From within the editor (Settings > Wallpaper Editor), you can resize, rotate, hide/unhide and add a color filter to any widget or icon, alter its opacity/transparency, animate it in one of four different ways and assign an app to it.

Shortcuts can also be assigned from the homescreen. Simply tap on a widget or icon that hasn’t been assigned to an app to do so.

And that’s not all, in addition to basic provisions including the option to choose a custom background image, setting the global Animation Speed and a performance-vs-battery preference, Android Theme Launcher provides surprisingly extensive customization for its gallery/photo widget (Settings > Photo Tiles).


The gallery widget runs a slideshow of images from a user-defined source with intermediate transitions and sports quite a variety of transition styles and photo effects. The source can be any directory in your
SD card or even your Picasa/Flickr account.

Itching to try it out? You can download the live wallpaper for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Android Theme Launcher LW (No longer available on Play Store)

Update: Android Theme Launcher LW seems to have been removed from the Google Play Store. However, not all gloom, as far as getting your hands on a similar app is concerned. In fact, how about a live wallpaper generator that puts the control of entire LWP creation and modification right in your hands? OwnSkin DIY is a free Android app that allows Android users build and install live wallpapers according to their own liking. Ranging from screen contents to background color and default screen orientation to behavior of the onscreen elements, the app lets you add and manipulate any required item on your personalized live wallpaper as you prefer. To find out more on the app, read our detailed review of Ownskin DIY.



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