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Animado For Android: Share Animated Text Messages As GIF Files

Even before the smartphones went mainstream, I had this desire of having some sort of mobile app that could repeat/ playback the text that I had fed into the text box. Seems like my wish has been granted. Say hello to Animado – a fun way of sending animated text messages from Android as GIF images. Animado doesn’t use any of those commonly used (and rather boring) swivel, slide in or dancing animation effects for your texts. Instead, the app, records whatever you type in its text box complete with all typos and corrections that occurred in between and allows you to replay them later. In addition, the app lets you convert those recorded text messages into animated GIF images and share them with your friends.


Recording begins as soon as you land on the New Message screen. Type whatever you like in the text box and replay your text using the Play button. The refresh button at the top can be used to reset the content in the text box whereas, to modify font color/size, animation speed and the app’s general settings, tap the settings button on the top-right corner of this screen.

Once you’ve recorded a message, tap the Animate button to convert your message into a GIF sequence. The Animate button now gets replaced by a green Share button that can be tapped to display the share menu.


The My Message button on the app’s homescreen keeps a detailed log of all your messages. You have the choice to replay, animate and share each saved message as many times as you like. Animado is simple to use and a fun way to let your friends know whatever blunders you made while typing the message that you’ve shared.

That said, the app is not without its own little flaws and nuisances. For instance, the rather prolonged time that Animado requires to generate the GIF image out of your text can prove to be quite annoying. Moreover, the text box of the app doesn’t support automatic capitalization of fonts at the start of a new sentence, which is something that cab hinder you from feeding in text unobtrusively. Hopefully, feature updates of the app will not only see it rectify said issues, but it will also bring several handy features to the table that can help it compete with some of the best messaging replacement Android apps.

Download Animado for Android

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