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Animating Flip Clock Widget – Flip Style Clock For All Android Devices

Developers have been looking to clone the digital artistry of the HTC Sense clock widget for quite some time now and finally, someone has actually managed to pull it off. Developed by Peppernut Studios, Animating Flip Clock is the only home screen clock widget we’ve come across so far that actually replicates the animation of HTC Sense’s native clock widget. Where other clones merely copy the look, this home screen widget replicates the widget’s sleek flipping animation that Android users have come to love. Still in beta phase as of this writing, the widget does not have much customizability to offer except for the option to choose between 12-hr and 24-hr time formats and to select the app that launches when the widget is tapped.


Animating Flip Clock Widget1


As with any other widget, the Animating Flip Clock Widget can be added to the home screen with ease. For this, you will have to long press a vacant spot on your home screen. From the Add to Home screen context menu, select Widgets > Animating Flip Clock. The widget may take some time to load the first time when it is added to the home screen. However, once it is loaded fully, you can select your preferred time format and select the app to that you want the widget to act as a shortcut to. You can even assign two separate apps to the hour and minute digits. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain, that one dedicated slot is going to be taken up by the stock clock app, as it also provides easy means to manage alarms. As the widget is in beta, a few odd bugs are quite normal. Users have reported problems with MIUI custom ROM and SPB shell 3D home screen replacement. Hopefully, these problems will be dealt with in future updates.

Such impressive has been the impact of the flip style widget on the Android home screens that most custom ROM developers have also decided to include something similar within solutions of their own. Often, the flip style clock is used in combination with the calendar or a weather app. However, now that we’ve already been introduced to a standalone app based on said type of clock, we would not be entirely surprised to see all sorts of various clones hit the market; some being exact replicas, whereas others adding a bit of their own flavor to their offerings.

Download Animating Flip Clock Widget (Beta) for Android

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