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Antengo For Android: Post & Browse Classified Ads On The Go

Looking for the cheapest Galaxy Nexus deal in your vicinity, or do you wish to advertise your for-sale Sedan in the easiest possible way? Try Antengo – a free location and category-based classified ad-listing web service that helps buyers and sellers strike perfect deals with each other. The service has had its iOS client in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, and now, its Android variant has finally arrived in the Market.

With Antengo mobile client, users can search, browse or post a classified ad for virtually anything (ranging from movie tickets to gadgets) in real time. Through its intuitive and simple-to-use ad-posting mechanism, the app lets you find results pertaining to items/services of interest in a jiffy. You can search ads by location, category/sub-category, or simply scroll through the unending list of classified ads from the website.


Craiglist might be the spearhead of classified listing services, but Antengo surely is catching up fast, spreading its influence to major platforms. A good thing about Antengo’s mobile client is that it does not require you to log in to the service in order to explore and search for ads; only when you need to post ads. New accounts can be created from within the app for free.


To help you understand its interface and controls in an easier way, the app displays useful tips at startup. Once logged in, you can immediately start posting your own ads in just five simple steps.

First up, specify whether you’re looking for something, or want to publish your own advertisement. In this regard, hit the appropriate tab at the top (For Sales & Offered or Wanted), provide a relevant ad Title and Description, and hit the Next button. In the next step, attach a photo of the item. For this, you may either snap a fresh image, or pick one from your device’s gallery.

From the screen that follows, pick a relevant Category and Sub Category for the ad, and specify your budget/demand (optional). Next, choose the location for which you wish to post the ad. For this, you can either place a pointer on map, or specify the city, state or ZIP code of the location.

Lastly, verify all the prerequisites, choose whether you wish to share the ad on Facebook and/Twitter, and hit Post.


The app’s main interface comprises four main tabs, namely Browse, Post, Messages and Accounts. Hitting Browse lets you explore all the content on the Antengo network by List, Map and Photo. To narrow down your search criteria, you can hit the Filter option. For each listed ad, the app displays a photo, description, date of posting, relevant distance from your location, and the exact location of posting on map. Interested in an offer? Hit the Send Message button to contact the owner, or tap the Share button at the top to let your friends know about the deal.

The Post tab opens the aforementioned ad posting/searching screen, the Messages tab contains your personal Antengo messages, and the Accounts tab lets you manage your Antengo profile, and edit privacy and sharing settings.

Download Antengo for Android


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