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Antipaper Notes: Feature-Rich Handwriting App For Android Tablets

Say hello to Antipaper Notes – a useful handwriting app for Android tablets that aims to enhance note taking & managing experience on Honeycomb devices. With Antipaper Notes, users can carry their notes with them and share images (PNG, JPEG) of their handwritten notes via email. The app sports an extremely simple-to-use, tablet-optimized interface with all the editing and navigating options always accessible at the top of the screen.


The app truly utilizes the greater screen size of tablets with its extended zooming feature, which certainly helps you manage your notes and the working area of each page quite efficiently.


On the app’s homescreen, you have all your notebooks arranged in a grid. While tapping on the New notebook icon lets you start working on a new note, long pressing on an existing one lets you rename, delete or share it via email.

All the various editing features of the app are accessible via buttons on the toolbar at the top of the interface. While in zoom mode, the navigation keys on all four sides of the zoom window make navigation very convenient whereas taping the the Protect button helps you lock the position of this window to enjoy work within the selected region of the page without worrying about accidentally changing its adjustment.

The Menu button on the top of the page contains advanced settings that include various page editing, sharing/backup and zooming options. From within the same menu, you can choose from different page patterns. To do so, just tap on the Choose paper pattern button under the Notebook menu. Tapping the Pages button lets you manage all your pages within a notebook. You can add a new page, restore a deleted page or long press on an existing page to create its duplicate, remove it or change its order in the notebook.


The app provides you with multiple pen styles and colors. Pen styles include a regular pen, a highlighter and an eraser for away with errors. When done with all the editing, just tap Menu and select Close and safe under the Notebook menu.


As of now, Antipaper Notes works in just portrait mode but according to the developer, support for landscape orientation will be added soon. The app is available for free in the Android Market. The free version is somewhat restricted in terms of features. The app has a Pro (paid) version that interested users can upgrade to from within the app for a mere $5.46 (via PayPal). Apart from lifting the restriction on the number of pages, the paid version provides a larger area to work on along with variable zoom levels and a greater number of pen colors, paper patterns and color variants. Antipaper Notes requires Android OS 3.x (Honeycomb) to run.

Download Antipaper Notes for Android


  1. How do you download this. I have a tablet and I tried to download this using my App Market account, but I got a message telling me there was no Android Phone associated with my account. What did I do wrong? 

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