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App Grouper Is An Android App Drawer Alternative With Categories

Developed by XDA-Developers member MacDegger, App Grouper for Android is a simple app launcher that finds its application in launchers or home replacement apps that do not have the option to arrange apps into categories within the app drawer or do not have an app drawer at all (MIUI’s stock launcher). App Grouper lets you add app shortcuts and arrange them into custom categories. The app is ideal for users who want to avoid cluttering their homescreens or repeatedly sifting through their over-populated app drawers. More after the break.


The app launcher works in a similar manner to conventional homescreen folder widgets and the built-in homescreen/app drawer folders found in homescreen replacement apps the likes of GO Launcher EX. All added app shortcuts are displayed in a nifty popup. In addition, the app allows you to add new subfolders, or rather, tabs and rename existing ones. Said subfolders/tabs can be used to split apps into categories of your choice for easier access.

To add a new category tab, hold down on an existing one and select add category from the context menu that appears. From the same menu you can rename or remove the selected category tab. Apps are added in a similar manner. Holding down on an existing app shortcut displays its context menu from within which, you can add a new app shortcut, rename the selected shortcut or replace it with another (repurpose shortcut).

You can back up your current arrangement to the SD card from Menu > backup to SD card. The pick background feature within the same menu did not seem to work during our test run, causing the app to force-close whenever an image was picked from the gallery. Also, the scrolling in the tab bar seemed to be faulty. After adding up to ten categories, we found that the first three had been pushed beyond the edge of the scroll bar. The app hasn’t been released to the Android Market yet. Hopefully, the final release will be scraped clean of mentioned faults.

Head on over to the app’s XDA-Developers thread to download its latest APK.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for reviewing my app! I just came across your review, and would like to add that the app has not only been overhauled (code fixes, multi-select, etc), but is also available on the android Market.

    The “pick background” problem should most definitely have been fixed (not just for me, but also for the people who have downloaded it from the Market: I have recieved no error messages/reports of FC’s, at all!).

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the effort to review my app!

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