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App Timer Mini Keeps Track Of Time Spent On Individual Apps [Android]

Want to find out how much time you spend playing around with your favorite Android apps? Fresh to the Android Market, App Timer Mini is a simple yet extremely effective time tracking app that records and saves a detailed log of the total usage time for individual apps of your choice. Through a customizable status bar icon, the app automatically starts logging active time for each app as soon as it is launched. In addition, there is an option to log and track time spent on each app on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as well as for every single usage session. App Timer Mini aims to help you identify the culprit apps that keep you or your kids stuck to your device for prolonged periods of time.


In all, the app’s main interface comprises a solitary screen with the toggle for the app’s service, Select Apps to monitor, choose the Timer Type, and tweak various UI settings of the app’s icon in the notification bar. From the tweaking perspective, you can select the Text Color of the timer, as well as specify the Transparency level and Location of the app’s icon on the status bar.


Once a selected app is launched, App Timer Mini begins logging the total time for the session, and keeps you apprised of the time counter via a status bar notification. Since the counter is meant to log only the time that you spend ‘using’ an app, it stops as soon as your screen times out. Once the screen is unlocked, the counter resumes. Going by the description on the app’s own interface, it won’t log any times where an app is running continuously in the background.

Not a bad concept at all, especially considering that its option to log accumulative active sessions for each individual item can come in particularly handy in numerous situations. However, the app is, technically, more of a stopwatch than a ‘timer’. In this context, the reverse timer feature (aided with an alarm), if added to the mix, would be extremely helpful in limiting the time that you spend on certain apps.


App Timer Mini comes in the form of a free and a $1 variant. The paid version allows you to remove the status bar icon that the app displays even while its service is disabled.


Download App Timer Mini (Free)

Download App Timer Mini Pro (Paid)


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