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AppAware For Android: A Comprehensive Social Network For Apps & Games

With apps such as AppLovin and Hooked, we’ve already seen some fun ways of discovering and sharing the best Android apps and games with your buddies. Fresh to the Android Market, AppAware is a free app that merges the concept of both apps, providing a much better blend of social networking and app discovery. The concept of AppAware is simple; it fetches recommended apps and games from the Android Market as well as friends from various social networks, and lets you try, share, bookmark and comment on those apps.

In short, it is a comprehensive social networking platform for Android apps and games where you get to know the preferences of others, and share yours in return. A neatly designed UI with various app categories, support for launching apps and games from within the app itself, location-based app suggestions, and a handy little homescreen widget carrying new app recommendations are among other highlighting aspects of AppAware.

AppAware-Android-Welcome1 AppAware-Android-Welcome2 AppAware-Android-Welcome3

As the app’s welcome screen will tell you, the more social accounts you associate with AppAware, the more exciting the sharing and exploring experience becomes. In this regard, you may log in using your Facebook, Twitter and/or Google account, or simply opt to Skip and try AppAware…

AppAware-Android-Home AppAware-Android-Login

The app’s homescreen replicates the looks of the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.Your AppAware profile statistics (total friends, bookmarks, apps) are displayed at the top of this screen, while a Notifications bar is located at the bottom. You can drag the Notifications bar upwards to view all your alerts. The various tabs on this screen let you explore apps in multiple ways. You can either check out the apps recommended by AppAware, or those shared by other users, people in your vicinity, or your friends.

AppAware-Android-App AppAware-Android-Friends

You have the choice to discover some of the top worldwide and local apps, top games, suggestions from other friends, or even get a random app recommendation. The search button in the top-right corner of the screen lets you manually find content by app name or user. In addition, the apps supports exploring top apps in a category or country of your choice.

AppAware-Android-Games AppAware-Android-Local

Tapping a user’s profile photo launches their AppAware profile screen. On this screen, you have the option to post a quick message, view their other friends on AppAware, view their bookmarked and installed apps, as well as recent activities on the Android Market. While on this screen, you can tap Menu > Remove from your AppAware to delete that particular user from your friends list.

Not only can you bookmark and share each app that you explore, but also check its details, screenshots, videos, user comments, Market ratings and much more.

AppAware-Android-Trending AppAware-Android-Widget

The app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings) can used to edit your AppAware profile, enable/disable status bar notifications, and set the app to automatically update your Facebook and/or Twitter profile upon new app installations etc.

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