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AppBundle: 200+ Utility, Entertainment & Camera Apps For Your iPhone

With the passage of time, the Springboard of your iOS devices is bound to get more and more populated, but still, it is not humanly possible to have an app available at your fingertips whenever you need it. There are so many apps in the App Store that you can not even imagine to have a specimen from each category. Seeing this immensity of the App Store, AppBundle is an app which comes up with a pretty useful idea. This app is actually a collection of more than 200 apps, and acts as an alternative Springboard for your iPhone. Now, you can bid farewell to worrying about downloading minor apps like alarm clocks, timers, mini games and the like. AppBundle will make sure that you are never lacking in apps which fall under the category of Utility, Entertainment, Camera and Games.

AppBundle iPhone AppBundle Springboard

Admittedly, most of the apps in AppBundle are single-purpose ones, and their functionalities are minimal mostly, but that doesn’t diminish the overall usefulness of AppBundle. There are small apps like Mirror view, tap counter, measuring apps, etc. If you look at these apps individually, they might not appear to be too significant. However, it is likely that if you keep AppBundle in your phone for even a month, you will find uses for it many times. The app itself starts off with a short, graphical tutorial, highlighting the usage and features of AppBundle. On its homepage, there is a digital clock with pretty large digits, and shows the current date and battery level as well. Hit the Enter button to discover the collection of apps on offer within AppBundle. The 200 apps are categorized into 4 groups, and you can view entries under each by simply tapping the appropriate tab. Touching any of the app icons will launch the app, and no purchases or further installations are required to run these sub-apps.

AppBundle Apps AppBundle Settings

Looking at the staggering number of apps housed by AppBundle, it’s a good thing that it comes with a search button. It is also possible to add any app to your favorites list. The collection can be arranged in quite a lot of ways, and you can change this setting using the eye icon in the top right corner of the app. From the settings menu of AppBundle, it is possible to customize the alternative Springboard provided by this app. Units can be chosen for temperature, and it is also possible to set a new theme to the icons and their background.

AppBundle recently went free for a limited time, so don’t let this opportunity pass and head over to the following link to grab the app.

Download 200+ in 1 : AppBundle!

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