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AppDetective Notifies You Whenever An App Of Your Choice Arrives In The WP7 Marketplace

You can argue that Windows Phone 7 has got the best interface among all the smartphone platforms, but there is no denying the fact that the number of apps available in the Marketplace is nothing compared to the apps in Google’s Play Store and iTunes App Store. We haven’t even got Instagram on the Mango platform, and Skype has been launched only recently. However, all that doesn’t mean that there is no development going on for WP7, as there are many apps that are to be released in the Marketplace in the near future. So, how will you come to know when Photosynth or Temple Run becomes available for WP7? You can keep searching the Marketplace each day, or you can use the much easier method of employing AppDetective to your service. With this handy little app, you have to specify your likes and wishlist just once, and it will notify you as soon as the official app, or even its third-party client, is launched in the Marketplace.

AppDetective Queries AppDetective New Apps WP7 AppDetective Flase Positives

Upon launching the app, you have to start adding your queries to it. Users can add as many queries as they want. The queries can include the name of any app on iOS or Android, or just a generic keyword (for example, “cloud storage,” if you are looking for any new cloud storage apps). As soon as you have finished adding queries to AppDetective, their corresponding results are displayed on the main page. It is possible to view the results in detail by tapping the number against each query. The results are sorted into two categories. The new tab lists the apps that have recently arrived in the market and have got anything to do with your query. To make future results better for yourself and for other users, you can hide individual results as well as whole sections. The false positive area of results lists those apps that haven’t got any relation to your original query, but always show up when you search for a particular keyword in the Marketplace.

AppDetective Settings AppDetective Agents

From the Settings menu of AppDetective, you can choose the primary Marketplace within which the queries will be carried out. The same menu has the option to select the time duration after which the queries will be executed. If you want, you can choose a time at which the app will look for matching results each day, and if you want to save your mobile data from getting wasted, toggle on the Agent query on WiFi only option. AppDetective supports live tile, and the secondary side of the tile shows new notifications for individual apps.

AppDetective is available as a free download at the following link.

Download AppDetective

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