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AppGenius: Security & Preference-Aware App Discovery Tool That Covers All Major Android Stores

When it comes to exploring and downloading Android apps, we all know that the Google Play Store is a primary source for a majority of users. However, it is not the only means to get your hands on the best and latest Android apps. Amazon Appstore, GetJar, 1Mobile and Brothersoft are among renowned app stores that provide you instant and easy access to the best and trending Android apps. How does one sift through the entire repository of all aforementioned app stores while making sure that the content they want to download is free of any unwanted security risks? Enter AppGenius – a comprehensive Android app discovery solution developed by TrustGo Labs. With AppGenius, not only can you easily explore the best free and paid Android apps across various worldwide app stores, but also get personalized app recommendations. It lets you search for and download apps from desired sources (including the Google Play Store), and displays relevant security risks/permissions associated with each individual app so that you know what facets of your device and personal information a specific app can access.

As is evident from the above, AppGenius is not an app store itself, but rather a handy means to connect you to major Android app stores. Moreover, it presents you with alerts for updates of the Google Play Store apps installed on your device.

Though, it is its interface (which is truly a treat to use), safety-awareness, advanced search and the number of stores it supports that distinguishes it from other app discovery tools. The app’s advanced search does not require you to enter the exact name of the app. You can enter keywords that describe what an app does, and AppGenius will find it for you. This is something that most of the Android app stores themselves haven’t been able to implement (effectively) in their search engines.


At the very first launch, the app prompts you to specify your favorite app categories as well as your profession, so that you can be presented with handy app recommendations that are tailor-made for you. To learn more about your app exploration habits, AppGenius asks you to first subscribe to a handful of app categories of your liking. You can always change these settings at a later time.


Once all that is done, the app can start recommending apps that might interest you. That is where the the Home and Apps for You tabs come in, where the Home tab displays your chosen app categories in a unique manner – a randomly generated category cloud of sorts made out of moving bubbles. Tapping a bubble displays all the apps within the associated category.


Alongside each title of each app that the app displays, you can view its price, developer name, rating and potential security hazards (if any). You can swipe left or right across the screen to switch tabs and tap an app title to view its description and screenshots, and select the app store from where you wish to download it.


To check the latest updates pertaining to the apps installed on your device, tap Menu > Upgrades. To view your profile, clear the app’s cache or enable notification alerts tap Menu > Settings.

Download AppGenius for Android

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