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Appkik Is A User-Friendly App Manager & System Optimizer For Android

Fresh to the Android Market, and boasting quite a few handy application and task management features, Appkik ensures that you do not have to resort to multiple managers to keep a tab on all the various apps installed on your device. Be it system apps or third-party apps, using the neatly designed and easy to use interface of Appkik, you can instantly search for, access and manage all with sheer convenience.In addition, the app lets you backup, uninstall and share apps in batch, move installed apps to SD card, and kill any apps running in the background to optimize the performance of your device. Apart from providing you quick access to all the apps via various categories/filters, Appkik also maintains history of all uninstalled apps, and lets you retrieve them from the Market. To help you access some of its key features right from the homescreen, Appkik also provides you with a nifty widget.


The app’s homescreen is a collection of multiple tabs and sub-tabs that provide you easy access to all aforementioned features. The three main tabs at the bottom can be used to jump to app management, task management and the settings menu. By default, the app opens to the app management tab. However, the Landing page can be changed from within the app’s settings screen if required.

Appkik-Android-Actions Appkik-Android-Home

When launched for the first time, Appkik scans your device for all the installed apps, and lists them alphabetically under the All Apps tab. While tapping on an app launches it, doing the same on the small arrow besides the app takes you to another screen that displays various app details such as its version, size, status, installation location and CPU & Memory usage. The various buttons at the bottom of this screen help you launch, backup, uninstall, share, rate the app or jump to its details screen. To add the app to your favorites, tap the star icon on the top-right of the screen.

While browsing the apps list on Appkik’s homescreen, you can also access all the aforementioned options by long-pressing on an app. From within the context menu that appears, you can also add an app’s shortcut to your device’s homescreen. To perform Backup, Uninstall or Share process on required apps in batch, simply tap the checkbox preceding each, and select the desired action from below.

Appkik-Android-Deleted Appkik-Android-Backup-Restore

Want to retrieve an accidentally uninstalled app? No problem; the Deleted tab on the app’s homescreen lists all the recently uninstalled apps. Selecting an app from this list takes you to its Market screen from where you can reinstall it.

Appkik-Android-Running Appkik-Android-Help Appkik-Android-Ignore

The tab in the middle allows you to manage all running apps. Unwanted apps can be killed with a simple tap. To kill apps in batch, select the required ones, and hit the Kill Selected button on the top. For your convenience, Appkik automatically selects any apps that are currently running in the background so that you can kill them all with a single tap. Moreover, it also lets you define a list of apps that it should ignore while selecting background apps. For this, switch to the Ignore tab from the top, hit Edit, and select all the apps that you want to prevent from being selected automatically. To find more about killing apps/tasks, and how it enhances your device’s performance, hit the Help tab.

Appkik-Android-Settings Appkik-Android-Widget

Finally, the last tab at the bottom of the app’s homescreen lets you access its Preferences screen, move apps to SD card, backup/restore apps, and manage various sharing options. From the Preference screen, you can set the app to run on boot, activate status bar notifications, and as mentioned earlier, specify the app’s Landing screen.

Appkik certainly is one of the most user-friendly app/task managers that we’ve come across so far, and the plethora of features that it packs makes it a good contender for your default app/task management tool.

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