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Apple’s iTunes U Brings Free Study Material To Students, Especially College Goers [iOS]

A large contingent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users consists of school and college students. An iPad can really be useful in a classroom, with the amount of educational apps and other supporting matter available in the iTunes App Store. Apple has now taken another step in the right direction to help students, by releasing the new iOS app, iTunes U. Most course books and other relevant study matter, specially for college students, doesn’t come cheap, so this app is the perfect place to find free content related to just about any course. Although iBooks already exists, and offers a nice collection of books, but it is still nice to have an app that is focused solely on books for higher studies and promotes serious education.

iTunes U iTunes U Materials

The interface of this iOS 5 app is pretty similar to Newsstand, and the method of adding books and subscriptions is the same as well. You just have to tap the Catalog button, and you will be taken to the iTunes U section of the iTunes App Store. The material listed in there is mostly free, and you can subscribe to or download anything with a single touch. The range of content comprises of books, audio lectures and videos related to the chosen subject. For each downloaded article, you get the option to add notes to it, and you can also post an addition of your own to any of the stuff in the form of comments.

iTunes U Library iTunes U Categories iTunes U Universities

The iTunes U library listing all the related material is neatly categorized to help students find exactly what they are looking for. If you go to Categories, books are listed based on the field of education they belong to. If you want to look for the helping material related to a particular course from any class in a university, iTunes U library also lists colleges and universities, and under each entry, all courses offered there are listed. So, it is possible to use the iTunes U app to become your own teacher, outline your own courses and select the books of your own choice to study in the selected course.

If you already have some eBook that you want to add to your app library, you can do that with ease thanks to the iTunes syncing options offered by the app. iTunes U is a free app, and you can download it by going to the link below.

Download iTunes U for iOS

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