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AppRank: View Personalized Market Stats & Rankings Of Android Apps

A couple of months ago, we covered an Android app called AppLovin that allowed the users to see what apps and games are currently being used by their friends. Although the said app gives you a good idea of the taste and preference of your friends in terms of Android apps, it reveals very less about the popularity of certain apps at a comparatively larger (or, if you like, at a global) scale in the Android Market. If you’re looking for an app that provides you detailed and updated information about some of the hot-running and trending apps on the Android Market in terms of ranking, number of downloads, region, price, availability or grossing, then AppRank should catch your attention.


Provided the fact that the Android Market is already becoming one of the most visited app stores among all its various mobile/smartphone counterparts, and receives a deluge of all sorts of apps from worldwide developers, it is only befitting to have an app that provides you with an overview of all the best ones. This is where AppRank steps in. Despite being content-packed, AppRank presents all data in a very simple way, thanks to the various categories into which the app’s interface is split. The brief tutorial screen included within the app ensures that you know which tab takes you to what feature.


To begin with, you’d notice four different tabs at the top of the app’s homescreen. While the tab on the extreme right displays all the top apps in the Android Market, the one on the extreme left lists all the apps that have made the biggest jump in the Android Market rank-wise. There is an option to filter all apps under both said tabs as per their availability (free/paid) and grossing. To specify your search even further, you can pick from different app categories/genres by tapping All categories from the bottom of the screen. To filter apps by region, tap the icon at the bottom-left of the screen and pick a preferred country. That’s not the end of that; all the apps under both said tabs can be further categorized by rank, name, price, size, or even by the amount of change that certain apps have undergone in recent times.


Among other tabs that are present at the top, the magnifying glass icon can be used to manually search for an app, while the newspaper icon displays latest news and videos relevant to each app (not functional currently). Any app that is among the featured ones, or listed in the Editor’s Choice, is displayed on list with the relevant label. To manually refresh the app’s content, tap Menu > Refresh. Apart from adding aforementioned news feature, the future versions of AppRank would also support graphical analysis of various apps.

Now coming to the middle part of the app’s screen where all the apps are listed. For each app, you can view its rank in terms of the chosen category. Tapping on the rank displays the current rank of the app and the number of places that it has changed. Tapping on the app title itself launches a dropdown menu from where you can open its Market page, view it details (country-wise rakings), add it to favorites or share it with your buddies.


Download AppRank for Android


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