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AppTweeter: Tweet Any App From iOS App Store Client [Cydia]

With over half a million apps crowding the iOS App Store, it can be difficult to distinguish between trash and something really useful. Each time you come across an app which can prove to be beneficial for people you know, your first response is to tell your friends about it. This can be done using the Tell a Friend button on the app’s official description page in the App Store. However, that sharing button is pretty limited in functionality, and you can just send an email through it by default. AppTweeter is a Cydia tweak that allows users to share an app over Twitter, using the same Tell a Friend button.

AppTweeter Settings AppTweeter

Using this free jailbreak tweak, not only can you add the Tweet option to the App Store sharing options, but also control the app information you want to share over the micro-blogging network. Once installed, the tweak is enabled by default, with three sharing fields turned on. This Tweet Format can be customized via the AppTweeter settings, located in the extensions tab in iOS’ native Settings.app. You can tweet an app’s link, ratings, requirements, developer’s name and size. Once a format has been chosen, all your app tweets will be sent containing all that data.

After setting up the whole tweak, you can just share app info the way you used to mail them from the App Store page. The Mail option also stays intact in the Tell a Friend menu. A pretty useful tweak, for which there will be no Springboard icon or download price. AppTweeter is available on BigBoss repository, and will only work on iOS 5.0 or higher.

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