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archivme: Manage Invoices/ Receipts & Sync Them With Dropbox [iPhone]

There are many iOS apps that let users create digital copies of paper receipts and invoices, and keep them safe for later user, like the previously covered Lemon. The whole concept of such apps is to let you keep your financial records safe, so that you don’t have to worry about suffering a financial loss just because you lost a tiny bit of paper. So, what happens if the app in which you stored all such data gets deleted from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? This is why archivme has the potential to become the only app you use for creating digital copies of your receipts and invoices. This handy app not only keeps track of your financial documents, it also lets you sync them with the archivme cloud service, and even with your Dropbox account.

archivme Categories archivme Suppliers

To get the maximum out of the app, you have to create a new account for archivme, and that can be done in the Sync section. After you have entered your username and a new password, the app will send you a confirmation email, and you have to activate your account from there. It is also from this section that users can link their Dropbox account with the one used in the app. archivme supports enabling of a passcode, and that can be set up by touching the clip icon in the bottom left. The app lets you add new receipts and invoices based on their genre, and you can do that in the Categories menu. In each category, there is a comprehensive list of suppliers, and you can choose any appropriate supplier before adding other details to the invoice. The icon next to the supplier name signifies the category to which it belongs. If you don’t find the supplier name you were looking for in the app’s list, you can add a custom one in the app as well.

archivme Receipt Scan archivme Report

In addition to categories, archivme also has fields for the product’s image, name and the month of purchase. If some important piece of information doesn’t fit in the required fields, you can add it in Notes. The Reporting section of archivme is the best, and it summarizes all your past activity in graphical and statistical form. To sync the data with the Dropbox or archivme cloud account you just have to go to the Sync menu.

archivme is a free app, and you can grab it from the link below.

Download archivme

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