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Around You Wiki For WP7: Discover Interesting Places Near Any Location

There is an explorer in all of us. No matter how much of a geeky nerd you are, every once in a while, you feel the need to just go out there and enjoy the real world. However, most people don’t know much about the world and places around them, and almost always need some assistance. So, if you want to go on a trek and are looking to find some interesting places near you, technology (in the form of your smartphone) can help you with that. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, you can use Around You Wiki, a handy new app that will not only point out noteworthy places near your current location, but also give an introductory article about each discovered place.

Around Here Wiki Around Here Wiki Article

Among the amazing new features brought to WP7 by Mango, one is Local Scout. You can access the Scout from the Search menu in your Mango phone, but there is a problem with that. If you are not living in the US, this feature is not likely to work for you. Around You Wiki is a nice solution to that issue, as it brings a similar functionality to anyone with a WP7 device, irrespective of which country you are living in. The homepage of this app presents a map, which is set to your current location by default. If required, you can change the map’s location and get information on places near your selected area. The map tags your whereabouts in red while other places are in blue. To view a place’s details, you can select it from within the map or the alternate list view.

Around Here Wiki List View Around Here Wiki Languages

The places list contains 20 locations present near the chosen area. Tapping on a location displays a short description about it, and if you want to find out more, there is the option of reading a full article about it on Wikipedia. You can choose the language the app uses to display Wikipedia articles. The languages you can choose from are English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

The Settings menu lets you change the number of entries that appear on the list page, turn off access to your current location and manually navigate to a place of your choice by scrolling through the map presented on the homepage.

Around You Wiki is still fresh from the oven, having been released just four days ago. You can download this free app at the Web Marketplace link below.

Download Around You Wiki

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