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Aroundly For iPhone: Auto-Share Captured Photos Over Web & Facebook

In recent years, social networking has been all about granting users control over the privacy of the content they share over their network. Facebook has groups and custom privacy settings now, while Google+ introduced the concept of Circles. Aroundly, on the other hand, is a new photo sharing app for iPhone and iPad that is all about allowing users to publish each and every photo they take from their iDevice’s camera to Aroundly.com and, if they choose to do so, on their Facebook wall. Photos are automatically uploaded as they are taken and can be viewed both on the website and from within the app.

Aroundly for iOSAroundly ID

The idea might seem pointless, and even a bit risky, but it’s not actually that bad. The app only publishes photos you take using its built-in camera, so it is up to the user to decide which photos they want to take with the app. It is not like the Photo Stream feature that comes integrated with iOS 5 and has caused a lot of people’s photo libraries to appear over other iDevices inadvertently. The app supports both back and front-facing cameras and has no extra cam settings apart from that. Aroundly will generate a numeric ID specifically for you which you can use to view your Aroundly photos at their website or you can give that ID to anyone so that they will be able to follow all your uploads too. You can also view your device’s photo library from within the app by tapping the gallery image at the bottom.

Aroundly Facebook SharingAroundly Map

There is no way to turn off Aroundly.com sharing from the app, as that’s the whole point of Aroundly, but you can toggle Facebook sharing on or off. Go to Settings in the app and there, you will find the Facebook sharing option, which is turned off by default. The Maps section of the app will show photos uploaded by users in any area you want to view.

Aroundly might come in handy when you are at an event where you want to share photos continuously, or simply when you want photos backed up to the cloud as you take them. All you have to do is to remember to launch the app’s camera , and forget all about the troubles associated with sharing. The app is free for a limited time.

Download Aroundly

Update: The app appears to have gone permanently free, so have fun sharing your photos with Aroundly.

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