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Arpadia – IM-Style Client For Conversations Over Email [Android, iOS]

Arpadia is a brilliant messaging app for Android and iOS that brings forth a fresh approach when it comes to email. The concept behind Arpadia is to provide users an interface through which they can share their emails in the same way as they are used to sharing text and multimedia messages with their contacts. Instead of logging into a routine email client, users can simply use this app to exchange quick ‘email messages’. With Arpadia, your email turns into an SMS while the attachments can be shared just like in multimedia messages (MMS).

The best part of Arpadia is that even if the recipients do not have the app (or a smartphone for that matter), they can still receive messages. Any message sent through Arpadia automatically reaches the mail inbox of the recipient whereas replies to all such messages are carried back to you via Arpadia mail service. However, Arpadia’s ‘mail messaging’ is best experienced if the sender and recipient are both using the app on their devices.

Arpadia allows you to select a preferred email account that would be used by the app to share and store all your messages. You can easily import mail recipients from a selected account and add them to your Arpadia contacts list. Also, you can add as many different contact accounts into the recipient list as you like. All your conversations with a particular contact are saved in threaded within the app form that can also be viewed offline.

With Arpadia, you can also share multimedia attachments with your recipients. The supported attachments include pictures, videos and audio. The app also allows you to capture, save and send multimedia content. While attachments can be successfully sent via Arpadia app to the recipients, it does not support receiving messages with attachments sent through a routine mail client. This is a big miss for such an efficient and useful app. However, the conversations page of Arpadia website allows users to successfully share attached messages with each other. Users can login with their email accounts to start new conversation on said page and instantly start sharing text and attachments with each other.

It must be mentioned here that despite all the useful features, the app has been noticed to experience crash issues when tested on various devices. Arpadia requires Android OS 2.2 or higher, iOS 4.0 or above and (needless to say) internet connectivity for sharing messages.

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