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Ask The Crowds: Create & Participate In Anonymous Polls [WP7]

Ask the crowds is a rather simple app for Windows Phone 7, the sole purpose of which is to help you get answers to tricky questions and assist you in making choices when you just can’t decided between two options. Of course, creating polls to get people’s opinion on a particular matter is not a new concept by any means; you can do that on Facebook too. But with this app, you don’t have to rely only on the opinion of people you know. You can ask any user’s choice and that, too, while staying anonymous. For example, you can use Ask The Crowds to find out the public opinion regarding a particular event, movie or place.

AskTheCrowdsAskTheCrowds Poll

The first thing you are sure to notice about the app is its interface, which looks pretty minimalistic and simple. The app seems to have been focused on getting the task done without any fuss at all. You don’t even need any account to use the app. Just launch the app and get cracking. Because of the lack of any ID requirement you might run across some spam in the polls section, but that doesn’t reduce its usefulness at all, as most of the polls are still worth taking a look at.

There are just two sections of “Ask the crowds”. Answer New Polls and My Polls. You can create your own poll under the My Polls section. By default, the app displays two answer fields for a new query but you can increase those text fields to any number by tapping the “add option” button. Once you’ve published a poll, you can check back from time to time to see how it is progressing. Similarly, if you are just free or want to help out, enter the other section of the app to vote on random polls one by one.

The developers would do good to add the option to view results of polls created by other people and a list of polls so that you could pick the ones you wanted to vote on. The interface of Ask the Crowds can also use some major improvements, as it looks a bit too blurred and hastily designed. Having said that, the app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace, so you can’t regret giving it a shot. A link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

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