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Asus Eee Pad Transformer–Android 3.2 Honeycomb Update On July 28

Asus-Transformer-3.2-honeycombAsus has announced that it would be releasing the Honeycomb 3.2 update for the Transformer on the 28th of July. The Transformer – easily the hottest Honeycomb tablet around right now – sold like hot cakes on its launch. It is about to get a whole lot hotter with the new official 3.2 update, considering the bunch of improvements and the new features it brings to this tablet. Currently not even the developers have managed to port an unofficial 3.2 build onto the Transformer, with the Motorola Xoom being the only tablet running Honeycomb 3.2 at the moment, officially, and in terms of custom ROMs as well. However, with the update set to release in a few hours, it wont be long before custom ROMs, kernels, rooting method etc. start surfacing on the internet.

The news regarding this was released by Asus via twitter.

Asus-3.2 tweet

For those who prefer their transformer all stock in terms of firmware, it could not get any better then this, as the build should be a solid one considering it’s coming straight form ASUS. So what does the 3.2 update have to offer that is new or improved you ask?

The update to 3.2 brings about a nifty zooming feature for the apps which were previously having trouble being displayed properly on the big screen. This zooming feature will help you display apps that were not optimized for tablets, a bit properly. SD card support – previously missing – has also been added, which also allows Media sync via SD card, so you can enjoy your music straight from a music app as it retrieves the music from your SD card.

To check for the update incase it goes live and you never find out, go to Settings > About Tablet > System Update > Check update.

Be sure to let us know when you start receiving the update, and if you have already, do tell us how it’s fairing for you. Till then, cross your fingers in hope of being the first lucky few to receive the OTA.

[via Droidlife]


  1. Got it. Got my Transformer here in Taiwan. 3.2. Does change too much. Except for the virtual keyboard’s responsiveness for me and some copy and past features in the browser that I didn’t have before. No Netflix though…Maybe something to do with me being in Taiwan…Otherwise, the home screen smoothness seems to be the same.. there may be more to this picture still because I just updated a half hour ago and this is just what I have noticed so far. Oh yeah…and pinch to zoom in browser seems to be more responsive and smooth and a little bit in the speed end for the browser..slight though

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