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Attach USB Host Dongle To Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [DIY]

In case you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and consider yourself a die hard DIY fan, then there is something interesting to try your hands on. Pokey9000, Senior XDA member and Android developer, is out with his Do It Yourself instructions to make a USB Host Dongle for Galaxy Tab 10.1. By integrating a USB Host Dongle to your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will be able to connect USB flash drive to your tab and handle it’s data from your tablet. In order to deply this mod, you will need to have some knowledge of basic electronics like soldering and reading resistor values.


Here is a list of requirements for associating USB Host Dongle to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

  • Dock Connector From Kinetka
  • Pair Of 10K OHM Resistor. You can also use a 20K single resistor as well.
  • Single Donor USB Extender Cable
  • Tape and other necessities

After you have gathered all requirements, head to the official XDA DIY guide thread for step by step instructions. Aesthetically, the outcome isn’t very pretty but compared to the functionality offered, beauty goes to the beast. Once you have successfully connected USB host dongle to your tablet, you will be able to access flash drives right from the comfort of your tab and move data without needing any intermediary. And last but not the least, we will advise against this method if you aren’t comfortable with soldering or have doubt regarding the functionality of this method. It is direct tinkering with your device’s hardware and can leave you in a mess. Proceed with care!

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