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Auto Wake Up And Transfer Android Photos & Videos To Computer via WiFi

If you don’t have a data plan for your Android phone and are looking for the an efficient way to automatically back up photos and videos that you take with your phone’s camera, then a syncing-on-the-go solution is probably not what you’re looking for. What you want is an app that automatically transfers photos and videos from your device to your home computer over the affiliated WiFi network after, for instance, you return from an outdoor casual photography spree. There is an app that can do that, of course. But we have something better for you – a three-freeware combo that automates the entire process from turning on your device’s WiFi when you get home, to turning on your computer and wirelessly transferring camera photos and videos from device to computer.


The first app in the combination should be able to automatically turn on your device’s WiFi when you’re at home and preferably without a data connection. WiFi at Home allows you to save multiple locations and tracks your current location based on GSM or CDMA cell information, turning your device’s WiFi on whenever you enter a saved cell (location) and off whenever you travel away. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t always work (as of this writing), so you might have to use the second quickest/easiest way to enable WiFi – a WiFi toggle widget.


There is a paid ($9.99) alternative to WiFi at Home by the name of Locale that lets you toggle WiFi based on location tracked via GPS. Of course, that would mean you would have to leave GPS enabled at all times – definitely not recommended.


The second app in the combo is the previously reviewed PCAutoWaker – a free, handy app that turns your computer on as soon as you are connected to the affiliated WiFi network. The app uses the WOL (Wake on LAN) or WoWLAN (Wake on Wireless LAN) feature of your computer’s network adapter to switch it on wirelessly. To learn how to prep your computer for PCAutoWaker, view our complete guide here.


The last link in the chain is Sweet Home! This Android freeware automatically begins uploading the contents of your DCIM (camera media) folder to your computer via the connected WiFi network. The app requires you to specify the destination network directory (shared or public directory on your WiFi-connected computer) and ensure that said directory isn’t write-protected. You can view our complete Sweet Home! review/guide here.

Once your done with the explained setup, all you have to do is walk within range of the specified WiFi access point and by the time you get to your room, your computer will be on and by the time you change into something comfortable, the wireless device-to-computer transfer of photos and videos will have been completed (“Look Ma, no hands!”).

Download rSc WiFi at Home

Download PCAutoWaker

Download Sweet Home!

Purchase Locale


  1. I’ve been using Sweet Home! for at while. It’s a very nice app but the “automatic upload” often fails, so I have to remember to upload manually. Still, it works so far, so good.

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