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AutoCAD WS Update – Units Typing, Layers & Area Measurement [Android]

The official client for AutoCAD – one of the most robust and widely used computer-aided designing and drafting software – was released for Android users a couple of months back. As our review of AutoCAD WS for Android would suggest, said app was a tad restricted in its features. It just allowed the users to view and share their projects and let them add quick notes to their CAD drawings. However, Autodesk is very much aware of the needs and concerns of users, and hence has decided to update your favorite app with some much-needed features. AutoCAD WS for Android has recently been updated with some handy features. The updated version lets you make accurate designs on your device by specifying the exact parameters. The app now also allows layer management, area measurement, renaming duplicating and deleting your local / uploaded DWG files.

With the new ‘units typing’ feature, you can draw accurate shapes by feeding in precise measurements with a numeric keypad. For instance, if you wish to draw a straight line, just tap on the desired area on your DWG file. Tapping another point completes the line and displays a field at the bottom, allowing you to enter the required values/dimensions.

The app also allows you to get accurate measurements for a specified region. To measure a desired area on your drawing, tap on the pencil button and select Area. You can drag or tap to specify next point. Select as many points as you want and find the total area covered. Tap Done once you’re satisfied with your selection.

Layer management feature is another welcome addition that lets you toggle layers on/off on your drawings. There are also quite a few file management features added to the app. Now you can rename, duplicate and delete DWG files directly from your device. Long press on a DWG file’s name to avail said options. You can download AutoCAD WS from the Market link provided below. AutoCAD WS requires Android v2.1 or higher to run, so it should work fine on most device.

Update: AutoCAD v1.4 brings several feature enhancements along with various additional features, including the option to plot designs to PDF/DWF files and sharing them through mails. In addition, users can now utilize HP’s ePrint & sharing service to remotely print designs from within the app. 3D Drawings can also be viewed and shared, and there are several other additional changes to along with the update.

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