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Automatically Backup SMS Messages To Gmail Account From Android

Being a regular GO SMS Pro user, I personally have never had to worry about manually backing up my text messages at frequent intervals, since the crowd-favorite alternative Android messaging app does it all for me by itself. However, not everyone is a fan of GO Dev team’s wonder product, so there must be an alternative and easy way to back up your text messages. Worried about tons of SMS messages in your Android Phone getting wiped out? It is always recommended to make a backup of your SMS in case your phone gets stolen or lost. How about automatic backup directly to your Gmail Account? SMSBackup is a free app that does exactly that, supporting both labeling and number of items to be backed up.

Since an Android user is expected to have, at least, one Gmail account, so it is fitting to have an app that can forward your text messages to the mailing service that you use regularly. In fact, if you can bank on Google to keep hold of all your mails, calendar events, contacts and app data, then why not trust it to store your SMS messages too. Before we get into anything, make sure IMAP is enabled in your Gmail account. Browse to your Gmail settings, click ‘forwarding and POP/IMAP’ and set IMAP status to enable. As simple as that!


Install the application from Android Market, simply set your Google account with password and the process is done. One of the key features of this application is that you can set auto backup, what it does is whenever a new SMS is received, a backup will be made to Gmail. Messages can be marked as read or unread from the device as well. Maximum number of items can be set from 25 to 200. Keep the number low and the backup will be quick.

To confirm, if everything was backed up successfully, login to Gmail account, a new label ‘SMS’ should have appeared with all the SMS messages imported from Android Phone.


Overall, it is a great application to have and is very stable! Just a reminder for our readers, if you are a bit too security-conscious, and don’t want to be giving away your precious credentials to various third-party apps, you better not bother trying SMS Backup, since it requires you to feed in your Gmail username and password in order to get going.

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