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Awesemulator Brings Screen Capture & Hardware Buttons To WP7 Emulator

An operating system’s emulator is helpful for a variety of users and for a number of reasons. Developers use emulators for testing out their apps, whereas users can get a taste of the OS before actually buying a product. But when using the emulator, you do miss the real feel of the device, its hard buttons and several other features that just aren’t there. To fill in all these voids for the Windows Phone 7 emulator , WireBear Awesemulator is here. Awesemulator is meant to complement WP7 emulator and both these utilities have to be run side-by-side. Awesemulator gives you a host of new options for your Windows Phone 7 emulator, and the most important features it offers are screen capture buttons, and all the hardware buttons you will find in a normal WP7 device.

WireBear AwesemulatorWP7 Emulator


You can capture screenshots of all the activities going on inside the emulator and save them in a format of your choice. Simply choose a default destination for the captured images, select a format and click the capture icon.

Awesemulator provides you with two options for the way screenshots are taken. You can either take a screenshot using no skin which will give you an image of the screen only. Otherwise you can choose a WP7 device from the provided list and the screenshot will be framed by the phone’s body.

Hardware Controls

Using this application, you can use the power, camera and volume buttons to make the most out of your emulator. Simply click the camera button and Awesemulator will take you to the camera app on your emulator screen. Not only that, there’s even a dedicated button for focus above the camera button. There are also buttons for keyboard tasks, which even let you swap languages with a single click.

Other Features

If you are a developer and would like to showcase your work using the emulator, this application gives you the option to use overlays to make the whole process presentable and easy to use. All features are landscape compatible, and support Mango. Awesemulator is compatible with all zoom levels and recognizes all the gestures that a real WP7 device has.

All in all, the application strives to make your Windows Phone 7 Emulator as close to a real device as possible. If you use the emulator regularly, then this application is a must-have. Click the link below to download the application to your computer for free.

Download Awesemulator

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